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Anti-Bullying and The Adventures of Warner D Cartoon

The Adventures of Warner D was conceived while watching cartoons with my son, Caleb when he was younger. I was very uncomfortable leaving him alone in the room and allowing him watch television by himself. I must admit that I feel a little nervous with some of the language and the suggestive nature of the stories depicted in some of today’s cartoons. So I thought, just create your own children’s animation and put your anxiety to rest and other parents will thank you too. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After sketching out the concept of the animation, I got busy searching for people to help. I found a very talented and funny writer, who also happened to be a professional ventriloquist named Ryan Bomgardner. Ryan and I hit it off well right from the very beginning. We had vey similar ideas which made it easy to get work done. Ryan wrote the script for the pilot and was responsible for getting the character concept drawings done. Ryan is also the voice actor for the main character, Warner D. After that, we were off. It was when I actually saw drawings of the characters that I had carried around in my mind for so long that I realized the potential of having my own children’s animation.

At the same time, I was looking for someone to animate the story and after much due diligence I was referred to Kwame Hawkins who comes with outstanding credentials and who actually teaches 3D animation. Kwame has also been instrumental in building a strong technical team and thus moving the project forward through its various stages.

One of the most exciting steps in the process for me was finding and auditioning the voice talent for the characters. This was another defining moment for me in the project that made the characters come to life. There are some very talented voice actors out there and I am blessed to have found some of them for the Adventures of Warner D. You can meet them by clicking on “Cast.”

Director’s Comments…. My name is Kwame Hawkins and I am the Director of the project “The Adventures of Warner D.” I have enjoyed the process thus far. Any time you are creating an animated property such this one you will run into challenges during the process. I guarantee that it will be nothing like you have seen before.

The World of Warner D… Warner D’s world involves alot of different sets and places. One of first places that you will see is the school the Warner D attends. It is a beautiful set with lots of detail and surprises. This project has Warner and his friends traveling to a lot of different locales that will provide fun and excitement for you the viewer.

The crew… The current crew is small until we get ready to ramp up production.

Production Leads….

  • Kwame Hawkins – Director

  • Ben Forman – Modeler/ Concept Artist

  • Rich Ponte – Story Artist

  • William Strader – Technical Director


  • Well, I don’t want to give away too much information except that the animation is being developed in 3D technology. In the future, I will use this section to talk about some of the other things that we are doing and the technology behind the making “The Adventures of Warner D”


  • Check back for updates and preview shots of scenes.

  • Right now the pre-production is done and we are working on the storyboards for the show.

Where the project is now….


  • The crew is working on building the environments for the show.


  • The characters in this production are fun and varied. The team is currently working on finishing the character models and setup for the main characters, Warner D, Randy, Cheyenne, Melinda, Grandpa, Warner’s Mom, and many more.

As Kwame mentioned, the voiceover is being completed and the editing process is now underway. At the same time, the storyboard for the project is being produced and once the storyboards are finished, Kwame and the team will be free to create the animatics, a process that means to animate the storyboards.

Keep checking the blog for the next update on the making of the “Adventures of Warner D.”

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