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5 Things I Loved About my Mom: How to Allow Your Mother's Love to Push You Forward into the Life

My Mom will forever hold a special place in my heart. As Mother's Day holidays come and go, I can't help but always remember my Mom and all the valuable lessons she taught me throughout my life. My Mom passed away in September 2007 from colon cancer. Even though it’s been almost 12 years ago since she died, there are times when I'm constantly reminded of her. Whether it's a special conversation, places we visited together, interactions between other moms and their children, our family reunions, to name a few, they all remind me of her. That time of remembrance brings me great peace and joy.

For this writing, I chose to share five things I loved about my Mom.

  1. Compassion – My Mom cared deeply for people. She had several careers, but her very last career was that of being a caregiver. She would provide around the clock care for the elderly in her community. They would become a part of our family and she theirs.

  2. Kindness – She never said an unkind word about anyone that I ever heard. One of my cousins posted on social media how much he missed my mom because she was always so nice to him. Because of her, I strive to be kind.

  3. Wisdom – The older I got the wiser it seems my Mom got. I could always trust her instincts to guide me in the right direction. I didn't always take a linear path to get to my truth, so having a loving, wise, and patient Mom was a reassuring gift.

  4. Gumption – My Mom would accomplish whatever she set her mind to do. She left the home we grew up in after deciding to leave a bad marriage, set up a home with nothing, and in a few years built a brand new home of her own. She was not one to be deterred.

  5. Diligence – My Mom taught me to work hard and to always pay my bills on time. It was easy because I watched her do it. She started on the family farm, then became a successful furniture maker, and officially retired as a housekeeper at the local state university. She saved and invested well, and left my brother and me with a substantial inheritance.

Share in the comments section one or two things you absolutely love about your mother.

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